Fredi's Ride

Fredi's Ride

Few people realize most professional racecar drivers learned their crafts in Go-Karts! Auto racing isn’t just driving around an oval. It demands skill, strategy, determination and practice (and more practice) to hone driving skills, timing, engine dynamics and sportsmanship.

Fredi’s Ride tells the story of a racer determined to rise through the ranks of auto racing with her homemade Go-Kart, and an unaltered, five Horsepower engine. Before that can happen, Fredi needs to learn the hard lesson that life isn’t fair, and learns to do the best you can with what you have. Ride with Fredi, lap by lap, as she races a very important regional race, the starting point of a successful racing career for some lucky winner.

About the Author

Geri Johnson watched her husband race on their local dirt track for ten years. This book evolved out of all the excitement, disappointment, hopes and dreams they encountered. Geri resides in Westfield, MA with her husband, Tim, and their dogs.

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